32 CFR 237a.4 - Procedures.

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§ 237a.4 Procedures.

(a) Defense Industry Bulletin. The bulletin, authorized by part 237 of this subchapter to apprise defense contractors, trade associations and other business organizations of DoD policies, plans, programs, and procedures which have an impact on business or industry, achieve widespread awareness and understanding of DoD policies, plans, programs, and procedures governing research, development and production, and the procurement of goods and services, and serve as a guide to and stimulate ideas throughout the industrial community concerning solutions of problems arising in fulfillment of DoD requirements, will be published and distributed by the Directorate for Community Relations, OASD(PA).

(1) DoD components may submit any of the items listed below to the Editor, Defense Industry Bulletin, OASD(PA), by the 20th day of each month. If no significant information exists, a negative report will be submitted.

(i) Articles, preferably by-lined, with supporting photographs or illustrations. (Suggested length is 2,000-2,500 words, but may be shorter or longer as coverage of subject requires.)

(ii) Material covering subjects that are timely and of particular interest to those organizations oriented toward defense contracting, including, but not necessarily limited to:

(a) Research and development;

(b) Procurement;

(c) Contract management;

(d) Small business opportunity;

(e) DoD policies affecting industry;

(f) Management improvement programs, such as Zero Defects;

(g) Programs successfully conducted by industry and the DoD working together;

(h) Explanations of new DoD issuances affecting industry; and

(i) Major organizational changes.

(iii) Key personnel appointment and reassignment announcements, for the “About People” section.

(iv) New or revised official directives, instructions, regulations, and other publications, for the “Bibliography” section.

(v) Scheduled technical meetings and symposia sponsored by DoD organizations, projected at least forty-five (45) days, for the “Meeting and Symposia” section.

(vi) Announcements of meetings, conferences, briefings, demonstrations, exercises, etc., projected at least forty-five (45) days, for the “Calendar of Events.”

(2) Each DoD component will designate one action officer and one alternate to assist the Directorate for Community Relations, OASD(PA), in carrying out responsibilities defined in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(b) Participation in special events -

(1) Industry-sponsored events.

(i) DoD components are encouraged to cooperate with and assist industry in activities and events beneficial to the Government, provided such cooperation and assistance is not in conflict with the provisions of part 40 of this chapter which authorizes participation in:

(a) Luncheons, dinners and similar gatherings when the host is an industrial, technical, or professional association, not an individual defense contractor or other commercial firm;

(b) Public ceremonies of mutual interest to industry, local committees, and the DoD (examples - ship launchings, rollouts, and first flights);

(c) Industrial programs which are in support of Government policy (example - international exhibits which offer the opportunity to promote U.S. scientific and technical leadership); and

(d) Civic and community projects in which industry relationship is remote from the purpose and tenor of the event (example - Armed Forces Day event sponsored by an individual firm).

(ii) Participation in events which benefit a particular firm (examples - open houses and ceremonies dedicating new facilities) will be limited, normally, to speaker participation (see part 238 of this subchapter).

(2) DoD-sponsored events. Generally, DoD public affairs programs will be performed within authorized resources. Contractor participation in DoD-sponsored events involving a firm's product or service may be authorized, provided such participation is in the Government's interest.

(3) Jointly sponsored events. Joint DoD-industry sponsorship may be desirable in certain instances (examples - seminars, conferences, and symposia). Industry assistance is normally provided by a trade, technical, or professional association. Requirements for clearance of DoD official information prepared for disclosure (see part 159 of this chapter and DoD Directive 5230.9, “Clearance of Department of Defense Public Information” 1 ) will be adhered to when applicable.

1 Filed as part of the original. Copies available from U.S. Naval Publications and Forms Center, 5801 Tabor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120, Attn: Code 300.

(4) General. Participation in industrial events of national and international interest must be approved by the ASD(PA) in advance. Detailed proposals, including cost estimates, will be submitted to the ASD(PA) through the headquarters of the DoD component concerned. Requests for approval involving industry participation in either DoD or DoD-industry sponsored events will specify the nature and extent of industry-furnished assistance, if any.

(c) Use of DoD insignia, themes, and products in advertising -

(1) Insignia. Use of insignia is governed by part 237 of this subchapter.

(2) Themes and products. Requests for use of DoD themes and products in commercial advertising and other promotions will be evaluated in terms of their benefit to the DoD. A determination as to whether cooperation should be extended will be made by the ASD (PA) (except in the case of DoD component-controlled insignia), in accordance with the provisions of part 237 of this subchapter. The DoD will bear only those advertising costs authorized by section XV of the Armed Services procurement regulation in part 15 of this chapter.

(3) Filmed material. Participation in the production of motion pictures and TV programs, including filmed commercials, will be governed by provisions of DoD Instruction 5410.15, 1 “Delineation of DoD Audio-Visual Public Affairs Responsibilities and Policies,” and DoD Instruction 5410.16, 1 “Procedures for DoD Assistance on Production of Non-Government Motion Pictures and Television Programs.”

(d) Use of contractor product identification. DoD components may identify contractors in their information activities whenever the major responsibility for a product (example - an aircraft) can be clearly and fairly credited to an identifiable contractor. In these instances, DoD information releases will include both the manufacturer's name and the DoD component's designation of the product.

(e) Solicitation.

(1) DoD representatives will not solicit, or authorize others to solicit, from contractors for advertising, contributions, donations, subscriptions, or other emoluments. Where there is a legitimate need for industry promotion items, such as scale models - for example in recruiting programs - the headquarters of the DoD Component concerned may authorize procurement of such items as required.

(2) Defense contractors wanting to distribute items through official DoD channels should be advised to contact the headquarters of the DoD component concerned for guidance.

(f) Briefings.

(1) Advanced planning briefings for industry are governed by DoD Instruction 5230.14, 1 “Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry.”

(2) Classified meetings are governed by DoD Directive 5200.12, 1 “Security Measures, Approval and Sponsorship for Scientific and Technical Meetings Involving Disclosure of Classified Information.”

1 See footnote 1 on previous page.

(g) Visits to contractor facilities.

(1) Visits to contractor facilities will be governed by the provisions of DoD Manual 5220.22-M, 2 “Industrial Security Manual for Safeguarding Classified Information (Attachment to DD Form 441).”

2 Available from Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402 - $3.05.

(2) When DoD Components desire to sponsor such visits by nationally known press representatives, approval will be obtained from both the contractor and the ASD(PA).