32 CFR § 242a.3 - Open meetings.

§ 242a.3 Open meetings.

(a)Members shall not jointly conduct or dispose of business of the Board of Regents other than in accordance with these procedures. Every portion of every meeting of the Board of Regents or any committee of the Board shall be open to public observation subject to the exceptions provided in § 242a.4.

(b) Open meetings will be attended by members of the Board, certain staff, and any other individual or group desiring to observe the meeting. The public will be invited to observe and listen to the meeting but not to record any of the discussions by means of electronic or other devices or cameras unless approval in advance is obtained from the Executive Secretary. The public will not participate in the meeting unless public participation is invited by the Board.

(c) The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for making physical arrangements that provide ample space, sufficient visibility, and adequate acoustics for public observation of meetings.