32 CFR § 246.3 - Definitions.

§ 246.3 Definitions.

(a) Adverse Conditions. Conditions that may adversely affect the survival of the newspapers such as troop drawdown, increase in troop population, currency fluctuations, inflation, armed conflict, national contingency deployment, and others.

(b) S&S Commander/Publisher. The senior position in each S&S responsible for simultaneously performing dual functions. This military officer commands the S&S to which assigned, while also serving as the publisher of the Stars and Stripes produced by that organization.

(c) S&S Management Action Group (MAG) and S&S Steering Committee. These are ad hoc joint committees between the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) [OASD (PA)] and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management and Personnel) [OASD (FM&P)] that address S&S personnel and business policies. The S&S MAG is chaired by the senior OASD (PA) AFIS member and includes members from the OASD (FM&P) and other DoD offices with the authority and expertise to address various S&S problems. The Director of the AFIS, and the Deputy Assistant Secretary, OASD (FM&P), serves as co-chairman of the S&S Steering Committee that addresses DoD-level S&S issues. Neither the DoD S&S Steering Committee, nor the S&S MAG, involve themselves in Stars and Stripes editorial policies.

(d) S&S Ombudsman. A highly qualified journalist hired from outside the Department of Defense for a term of 3 years who independently advises the Unified Command CINCs, the S&S commander/publisher, the Stars and Stripes editor, the Director of the AFIS, and the Congress on matters of readership interest in the Stars and Stripes.

(e) Stars and Stripes. The title of one, or both, depending on the context of usage, of the newspapers produced by the S&S.

(f) Stars and Stripes Editor. The senior civilian position on the newspaper editorial staff of the S&S to which he or she is assigned. All mention of “the editor” in this part refers exclusively to this position, unless otherwise specified.

(g) Stars and Stripes (S&S). The organizations that perform the administrative, editorial, and business operations, which include newspapers, bookstores, job-printing plants, etc. necessary to do their mission.