32 CFR 292.8 - Responsibilities.

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§ 292.8 Responsibilities.

When a request for information or records is received, the following will apply:


(1) Receives requests and assigns tasking.

(2) Maintains appropriate suspenses and authorizes all extensions of response time.

(3) Acts as the responsible operating office for all Agency actions related to the FOIA.

(4) Drafts and transmits responses on:

(i) The release of records and/or information.

(ii) Obtaining supplemental information from the requester.

(iii) Informing the requester of any fees required.

(iv) The transfer to another element or agency of the initial request.

(5) Fulfills the annual reporting requirement and maintains appropriate records.

(6) Acts as the responsible official for all initial denials of access to the public.

(b) All DIA elements:

(1) When identified by DSP-1A as the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) will:

(i) Search files for any relevant records, and/or

(ii) Review records for possible public release within the time constraints assigned, and

(iii) Prepare a documented response in any case of nonrelease.

(2) All employees are required to read this part to ensure familiarity with the requirements of the FOIA as implemented.

(c)The General Counsel.

(1) Ensures uniformity in the FOIA legal positions within the DIA and with the Department of Defense.

(2) Secures coordination when necessary with the General Counsel, DoD, on denials of public requests.

(3) Acts as the focal point in all judicial actions.

(4) Reviews all final denials.

(d) The Director, and on his behalf, the Chief of Staff:

(1) Exercises overall staff supervision of the FOIA activities of the Agency.

(2) Acts as the responsible official for all denials of appeals.

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