32 CFR § 37.1030 - What information must I report to the Defense Technical Information Center?

§ 37.1030 What information must I report to the Defense Technical Information Center?

(a) For any TIA, you must give your answers to the questions in § 37.225(a) through (d) to the office in your DoD Component that is responsible for providing data on TIAs to the DTIC. Contact DTIC staff either by electronic mail at aq@dtic.mil, by telephone at 1-800-225-3842, or at DTIC-OCA, 8725 John J. Kingman Rd., Suite 0944, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6218, if you are unsure about the responsible office in your DoD Component. The DTIC compiles the information to help the Department of Defense measure the Department-wide benefits of using TIAs and assess the instruments' value in helping to meet the policy objectives described in § 37.205(b) and appendix A to this part.

(b) If the TIA uses the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2371, as described in § 37.1035, your information submission for the DTIC under paragraph (a) of this section must include the additional data required for the DoD's annual report to Congress.

(c) If, as permitted under § 37.650, the TIA includes a provision allowing a for-profit participant to have audits performed by an IPA, rather than the DCAA, you must report that fact with the other information you submit about the TIA. Note that you also must include information about any use of IPAs permitted by subawards that participants make to for-profit firms, as provided in § 37.670. Information about a subaward under the TIA must be reported even if you receive the information in a subsequent year, when information about the TIA itself does not need to be reported.

(d) The requirements in this section to report information to the DTIC should not be confused with the post-award requirement to forward copies of technical reports to the DTIC, as described at §§ 37.890 and 37.895. The reporting requirements in this section are assigned the Report Control Symbol DD-AT&L(A) 1936.