32 CFR 513.3 - Administrative and punitive actions.

§ 513.3 Administrative and punitive actions.
(a) Considerations. Commanders will not tolerate irresponsibility, neglect, dishonesty, or evasiveness. Failure to pay debts promptly and honorably may require disciplinary or administrative action. If a soldier is not trying to resolve unpaid debts promptly or complaints of repeated failure to pay debts are received, commanders will consider—
(1) Making it a matter of permanent record (§ 513.3(b)).
(2) Denial of reenlistment (enlisted members) (AR 601-280).
(3) Administrative separation from the Service (AR 635-100 or AR 635-200).
(4) Punishment under the UCMJ. (See § 513.1(e)(7).)
(b) Official personnel files.
(1) The Army requires that all-inclusive information of the qualifications of its soliders be on file. This prevents selection of soldiers for positions of leadership, trust, and responsibility whose qualifications are questionable.
(2) Documents/records created or received in connection with debt complaints will be filed per AR 600-37 and the Army Functional Files System (AR 340-2 and AR 340-18).
(3) The soldier may show his or her negligence, disregard, or unwillingness to resolve the matter by repeatedly failing to pay his or her debts. In these cases, the commander will decide whether to place a letter of reprimand, admonition, or censure in the soldier's official personnel files. AR 600-37, chapter 2, governs action taken to file unfavorable information.
(4) If information does not merit filing in the soldier's official personnel files, the commander will—
(i) Continue to monitor the situation.
(ii) Furnish further guidance and help.
(iii) Consider later action (§ 513.3(b)(3)) if warranted by further evidence.
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