32 CFR 513.5 - Procedures governing nonactive duty or discharged personnel.

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§ 513.5 Procedures governing nonactive duty or discharged personnel.
(a) Procedures governing nonactive duty personnel.
(1) Debt complaints against former soldiers or others not on active duty will be sent to the Commander, U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center (ARPERCEN), ATTN: DARP-PSE-VS, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200.
(2) After ARPERCEN verifies the status, the following officials will act as prescribed below.
(i) Chief, National Guard Bureau, Wash DC 20310-2500, for soldiers of the Army National Guard.
(ii) The area commander concerned for Ready Reservists assigned to troop program units under their control. (See AR 140-1, para 1-6.)
(iii) ARPERCEN for nonunit soldiers assigned to Control Groups of the Ready Reserve, Standby Reserve, and Retired Reserve.
(3) The officials cited in § 513.5(a)(2) will ensure that debt complaints are delivered to the person concerned, using military channels. When the complaint cannot be delivered through military channels, it will be sent to the last known mailing address of the person by certified mail, using PS Form 3811 (Return Receipt, Registered, Insured, and Certified Mail). It should be marked Return Receipt Requested—Deliver to Addressee Only. This form is available at U.S. post offices.
(4) After delivery of correspondence, the responsible official will advise the claimant—
(i) Of the date and method of delivery.
(ii) That the military department does not control the personal affairs of nonactive duty personnel. These personnel usually are in a civilian status and are not subject to military discipline. Therefore, the matter has been left to the person's discretion.
(iii) Of the person's mailing address only if the conditions in § 513.5(c) are met.
(b) Procedures governing discharged personnel.
(1) Debt complaints against persons who have been discharged from the service (that is, those now holding no military status) will be sent to ARPERCEN.
(2) ARPERCEN will return the correspondence, and all accompanying documentation, and advise the claimaint—
(i) That the person is no longer a member of the Army or the Reserve Components.
(ii) Of the date of discharge.
(iii) That the Army no longer has control or authority over the discharged personnel. Therefore, the Army can take no further action in this matter.
(iv) Of the person's mailing address only if the conditions in § 513.5(c) are met.
(c) Conditions for disclosing mailing address. Nonactive duty and discharged personnel's mailing addresses will not be disclosed unless—
(1) The person consents in writing to the release of his or her address.
(2) The claimant sends a court order directing the release of the address.
(3) Any other reason that does not constitute a violation of the Privacy Act of 1974.
(d) Retired personnel.
(1) The claimant may be advised that correspondence may be sent to the retired person as follows:
(i) Place correspondence in a stamped envelope with the retired person's name typed or printed on the envelope.
(ii) Place a stamped envelope in a second envelope and mail to Commander, ARPERCEN, Attn: DARP-PSE-VS, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63131-5200.
(2) ARPERCEN will forward the correspondence to the retired person, but cannot release the address per provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974.
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