32 CFR § 516.43 - Release of Army and other agency records.

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§ 516.43 Release of Army and other agency records.

(a) Preservation of originals. To preserve the integrity of DA records, DA personnel will submit properly authenticated copies rather than originals of documents or records for use in legal proceedings, unless directed otherwise by Litigation Division. (See 28 U.S.C. 1733.)

(b) Authentication of copies. Copies of DA records approved for release can be authenticated for introduction in evidence by use of DA Form 4. (See § 516.25 for instructions.)

(1) Records maintained in U.S. Army Engineer Districts and Divisions will be forwarded to HQDA(CECC-K), WASH DC 20314-1000.

(2) All other records will be forwarded to the appropriate office at HQDA (See § 516.42).

(c) Fees and charges. AR 37-60 prescribes the schedule of fees and charges for searching, copying, and certifying Army records for release in response to litigation-related requests.

(d) Release of records of other agencies. Normally an individual requesting records originating in agencies outside DA (that is, FBI reports, local police reports, civilian hospital records) that are also included in Army records should be advised to direct his inquiry to the originating agency.