32 CFR § 516.64 - Comprehensive remedies plan.

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§ 516.64 Comprehensive remedies plan.

(a) A specific, comprehensive remedies plan will be developed in each significant investigation involving fraud or corruption that relates to Army procurement activities. When possible, these plans should be forwarded with the DFARS 209.406-3 reports. In no case, however, should the report be delayed an appreciable time pending completion of the plan. The format for a remedies plan is at figure H-2, appendix G, to this part.

(b) The plan will be developed initially by the PFA with the participation of the appropriate criminal investigators and other relevant personnel such as the contracting officer. In significant cases the PFA should also coordinate a remedies plan early with PFD. Defective product/product substitution remedies plans must comply with the requirements of appendix D to this part.

(c) A comprehensive remedies plan will include at a minimum the following information and considerations:

(1) Summary of allegations and investigative results.

(2) Statement of any adverse impact on a DOD mission. DOD investigative organizations, commanders, or procurement officials will also provide this information to prosecutive authorities to enhance prosecution of offenses or to prepare a victim impact statement pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 32(c)(2).

(3) The impact upon combat readiness and safety.

(4) Consideration of each criminal, civil, contractual, and administrative remedy available, and documentation of those remedies, either planned, in progress, or completed.

(5) Restrictions on the pursuit of any remedies such as grand jury information or possible compromise of the investigation.

(d) When remedies plans are received by PFD they will be coordinated with the headquarters of the appropriate DOD criminal investigative organization involved.

(e) Testing necessary to support the investigation and remedies plan should comply with figure H-3, appendix G, to this part.