32 CFR § 536.40 - Conducting the investigation.

§ 536.40 Conducting the investigation.

(a) The methods and techniques for investigating specific categories of claims are set forth in DA Pam 27-162, paragraphs 2-25 through 2-34. The investigation of medical malpractice claims should be conducted by a CJA or claims attorney, using a medical claims investigator.

(b) A properly filed claim must contain enough information to permit investigation. For example, if the claim does not specify the date, location or details of every incident complained of, the claimant or legal representative should be required to furnish the information.

(c) Request the claimant or legal representative to specify a theory of liability. However, the investigation should not be limited to the theories specified, particularly where the claimant is unrepresented. All logical theories should be investigated.