32 CFR § 536.7 - Responsibilities of the Commander USARCS.

§ 536.7 Responsibilities of the Commander USARCS.

The Commander USARCS shall:

(a) Supervise and inspect claims activities worldwide.

(b) Formulate and implement claims policies and uniform standards for claims office operations.

(c) Investigate, process and settle claims beyond field office monetary authority and consider appeals and requests for reconsideration on claims denied by the field offices.

(d) Supervise the investigation, processing, and settlement of claims against, and in favor of, the United States under the statutes and regulations listed in § 536.2 and pursuant to other appropriate statutes, regulations, and authorizations.

(e) Designate ACOs, CPOs, and claims attorneys within DA and DOD components other than the Departments of the Navy and Air Force, subject to concurrence of the commander concerned.

(f) Designate continental United States (CONUS) geographic areas of claims responsibility.

(g) Recommend action to be taken by the SA, TJAG or the U.S. Attorney General, as appropriate, on claims in excess of $25,000 or the threshold amount then current under the FTCA, on claims in excess of $100,000 or the threshold amount then current under the FCA, the MCA, the NGCA, AMCSA, FCCA and FMRCA and on other claims that have been appealed. Direct communication with Department of Justice (DOJ) and the SA's designee is authorized.

(h) Operate the “receiving State office” for claims arising in the United States, its territories, commonwealths and possessions cognizable under Article VIII of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), Partnership for Peace (PFP) SOFA, Article XVI of the Singapore SOFA, and other SOFAs which have reciprocal claims provisions as delegated by TJAG, as implemented by 10 U.S.C. 2734a and 2734b (subpart G of this part).

(i) Settle claims of the U.S. Postal Service for reimbursement under 39 U.S.C. 411 (see DOD Manual 4525.6-M).

(j) Settle claims against carriers, warehouse firms, insurers, and other third parties for loss of, or damage to, personal property of DA or DOD soldiers or civilians incurred while the goods are in storage or in transit at government expense (AR 27-20, chapter 11).

(k) Formulate and recommend legislation for Congressional enactment of new statutes and the amendment of existing statutes considered essential for the orderly and expeditious administrative settlement of noncontractual claims.

(l) Perform post-settlement review of claims.

(m) Prepare, justify, and defend estimates of budgetary requirements and administer the Army claims budget.

(n) Maintain permanent records of claims for which TJAG is responsible.

(o) Assist in developing disaster and maneuver claims plans designed to implement the responsibilities set forth in § 536.9(a)(12).

(p) Develop and maintain plans for a disaster or civil disturbance in those geographic areas that are not under the jurisdiction of an area claims authority and in which the Army has single-service responsibility or in which the Army is likely to be the predominant Armed Force.

(q) Take initial action, as appropriate, on claims arising in emergency situations.

(r) Provide assistance as available or take appropriate action to ensure that command claims services and ACOs are carrying out their responsibilities as set forth in §§ 536.8 and 536.9, including claims assistance visits.

(s) Serve as proponent for the database management systems for torts, personnel and affirmative claims and provide standard automated claims data management programs for worldwide use.

(t) Ensure proper training of claims personnel.

(u) Coordinate claims activities with the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and other DOD agencies to ensure a consistent and efficient joint service claims program.

(v) Investigate, process and settle, and supervise the field office investigation and processing of, medical malpractice claims arising in Army medical centers within the United States; provide medical claims judge advocates (MCJAs), medical claims attorneys, and medical claims investigators assigned to such medical centers with technical guidance and direction on such claims.

(w) Coordinate support with the U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) on matters relating to medical malpractice claims.

(x) Issue an accounting classification to all properly designated claims settlement and approval authorities.

(y) Perform the investigation, processing, and settlement of claims arising in areas outside command claims service areas of operation.

(z) Maintain continuous worldwide deployment and operational capability to furnish claims advice to any legal office or command throughout the world. When authorized by the chain of command or competent authority, issue such claims advice or services, including establishing a claims system within a foreign country, interpreting claims aspects of international agreements, and processing claims arising from Army involvement in civil disturbances, chemical accidents under the Chemical Energy Stockpile Program, other man-made or natural disasters, and other claims designated by competent authority.

(aa) Upon receiving both the appropriate authority's directive or order and full fiscal authorization, disburse the funds necessary to administer civilian evacuation, relocation, and similar initial response efforts in response to a chemical disaster arising at an Army facility.

(bb) Respond to all inquiries from the President, members of Congress, military officials, and the general public on claims within USARCS' responsibility.

(cc) Serve as the proponent for this publication and DA Pam 27-162, both of which set forth guidance on personnel, tort, disaster and affirmative claims, as well as claims management and administration.

(dd) Provide supervision for the Army's affirmative claims and carrier recovery programs, as well as other methods for recovering legal debts.

(ee) Provide support for the overseas environmental claims program as designated by the DA.

(ff) Execute other claims missions as designated by DOD, DA, TJAG and other competent authority.

(gg) Appoint Foreign Claims Commissions outside Command Claims Services' geographic areas of responsibility.

(hh) Budget for and fund claims investigations and activities; such as per diem and transportation of claims personnel, claimants and witnesses; independent medical examinations; appraisals; independent expert opinions; long distance telephone calls; recording and photographic equipment; use of express mail or couriers; and other necessary expenses.