32 CFR § 536.75 - Claims payable under the Military Claims Act.

§ 536.75 Claims payable under the Military Claims Act.

(a) General. Unless otherwise prescribed, a claim for personal injury, death, or damage to, or loss or destruction of, property is payable under this subpart when:

(1) Caused by an act or omission of military personnel or civilian employees of the DA or DOD, acting within the scope of their employment, that is determined to be negligent or wrongful; or

(2) Incident to the noncombat activities of the armed services.

(b) Property. Property that may be the subject of claims for loss or damage under this subpart includes:

(1) Real property used and occupied under lease (express, implied, or otherwise). See § 536.34(m) and paragraph 2-15m of DA Pam 27-162.

(2) Personal property bailed to the government under an agreement (express or implied), unless the owner has expressly assumed the risk of damage or loss.

(3) Registered or insured mail in the DA's possession, even though the loss was caused by a criminal act.

(4) Property of a member of the armed forces that is damaged or lost incident to service, if such a claim is not payable as a personnel claim under AR 27-20, chapter 11.

(c) Maritime claims. Claims that arise on the high seas or within the territorial waters of a foreign country are payable unless settled under subpart H of this part.