32 CFR § 552.121 - Possession or retention of prohibited weapons.

§ 552.121 Possession or retention of prohibited weapons.

Prohibited weapons are defined as:

(a) Any instrument or weapon of the kind usually known as a sling shot, sand club, metal knuckles, spring blade knife, or any knife from which the blade is automatically released by a spring mechanism or other mechanism or other mechanical device, or any knife having a blade which opens, falls, or is effected into position by force of gravity or an outward thrust or centrifugal movement, or any knife with a blade with a length in excess of three inches. This does not include knives designed for and used during hunting and fishing activities. However, such knives may only be carried while participating in those activities. The possession of knives kept in quarters and designed for the use in the preparation of food is authorized.

(b) Any incendiary devices, military ammunition and/or explosives.

(c) Any weapons not legally obtained.

(d) Any instrument commonly used in the practice of martial arts, for example, a nunchaku, except during the legitimate martial arts training. If martial arts use is authorized, storage of these instruments during nontraining periods will be in a location other than the arms room, as designed by the unit commander for soldiers residing in troop billets, BEQ or BOQ. Martial arts instruments may be stored in assigned government family quarters during nontraining periods.

(e) Any weapons on which the name of the manufacturer, serial number of identification have been changed, altered, removed or obliterated unless done for legitimate repair or part replacement.

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