32 CFR § 552.168 - Fort Lewis Area Access Office.

§ 552.168 Fort Lewis Area Access Office.

(a) DPTM Range Division operates the Area Access Section to issue permits and grant non-training access to the range complex.

(b) Area Access is located in Range Control, Building T–6127, 19th and Tacoma Streets, Main Post Fort Lewis. Telephone numbers are (206) 967–4686/6277. Fax extension is 967–4520. E-mail is “rangeflw.” Business hours vary dependent on personnel fill, and are available by calling the above numbers.

(c) Individuals desiring access for authorized activities must register in person at Area Access during business hours. Minimum age is 18 years, except for active duty military personnel. Persons under 18 years of age must be sponsored and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Individual registration requires:

(1) Picture ID.

(2) Address and telephone number.

(3) Vehicle identification and license number, if a vehicle is to be brought on post.

(4) Names and ages of minor family members who will accompany a sponsor or permit holder.

(5) Liability release signature.

(6) Certification that intended activities are on the authorized list and are not for profit or fund-raising. Persons who submit false certificates are subject to prosecution in Federal Court under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, and the provisions of § 552.165 of this subpart.

(d) A wallet-sized permit (HFL Form 653) and a vehicle pass (HFL Form 652) will be issued to each person authorized access. The permit is not transferable. Entry to the Fort Lewis range complex without the permit is prohibited.

(e) A collective permit will be issued to an organization desiring to conduct a one-time group event not tied to a specific area or site, maximum length 3 days. The group leader must register in person at the Area Access Office and must be 21 years of age or older except for active duty military personnel.

(1) Group registration requires the information listed for individual permits above for the group leader(s), plus a list of names of all persons in the group.

(2) Group permits require that all members of the group be with the leader throughout the event. If the group plans to separate while on Fort Lewis, sub-group leaders must be appointed and must obtain separate group permits. The group leader permit is not transferable.

(3) Events requiring commitment of land must be processed per § 552.166.

(f) Aside from the land commitment coordination time requirement in § 552.166, there is no deadline for permit application. Permits for authorized activities that do not require commitment of land may be obtained on the day of the event.

(g) Group event permits for specialized one-time activities are valid for the duration of the event, not to exceed 3 days. Individuals activities permits are valid for one year. When a permit expires, the holder must re-register to renew privileges, and a new permit will be issued.

(h) Access hours are 30 minutes after daylight to 30 minutes before dark, except for authorized overnight activities and as outlined in FL Reg 215–1.

(i) All permit holders must check in with Area Access, either telephonically or in person, no earlier than 0800 the day prior to the event. It is the responsibility of each permit holder to inform a friend or relative of the area being used, the estimated time of return, and the vehicle being used.

(j) Except when land commitment has been coordinated and approved, Area Access will determine when called for entry whether the area requested is available. If the requested area is not open for permit holders and an alternate area cannot be provided or is not acceptable to the requestor, access will be denied.