32 CFR § 552.213 - Policy.

§ 552.213 Policy.

(a) Aberdeen Proving Ground is a non-public forum and is open for expensive activity only under certain circumstances. Aberdeen Proving Ground is a military installation under the exclusive federal jurisdiction at which official business of the federal government is conducted, including military training, testing of weapon systems and other military equipment, and other official business.

(b) On Aberdeen Proving Ground, except for activities authorized under 5 United States Code Chapter 71, Labor Management Relations, it is unlawful for any person to engage in any public displays of opinions made by protesting, picketing or any other similar demonstration without the approval of the Commander, U.S. Army Garrison, Aberdeen Proving Ground. Therefore, unless prior approval has been obtained as outlined below in 32 CFR 552.214, it will be unlawful for any person on Aberdeen Proving Ground to:

(1) Engage in protests, public speeches, marches, sit-ins, or demonstrations promoting a point of view.

(2) Interrupt or disturb the testing and evaluating of weapon systems, or any training, formation, ceremony, class, court-martial, hearing, or other military business.

(3) Obstruct movement on any street, road, sidewalk, pathway, or other vehicle or pedestrian thoroughfare.

(4) Utter to any person abusive, insulting, profane, indecent, or otherwise provocative language that by its very utterance tends to excite a breach of the peace.

(5) Distribute or post publications, including pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, handbills, flyers, leaflets, and other printed materials, except through regularly established and approved distribution outlets and places.

(6) Circulate petitions or engage in picketing or similar demonstrations for any purpose.

(7) Engage in partisan political campaigning or electioneering.

(8) Disobey a request from Department of Defense police, other government law enforcement officials (e.g., Federal, State, or local law enforcement officials), military police, or other competent authority to disperse, move along or leave the installation.

(c) In appropriate cases, the Commander, U.S. Army Garrison, Aberdeen Proving Ground may give express written permission for protests, picketing, or any other similar demonstrations on Aberdeen Proving Ground property outside the gates adjacent to the installation borders, only if the procedures outlined below in 32 CFR 552.214 are followed.