32 CFR 553.17 - Persons ineligible for burial in an Army national cemetery.

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§ 553.17 Persons ineligible for burial in an Army national cemetery.

(a) A father, mother, brother, sister, and in-law is not eligible for interment by reason of relationship to an eligible service person even though he/she is dependent upon the service member for support and/or is a member of his/her household.

(b) A person whose last separation from one of the Armed Forces was under other-than-honorable conditions is not eligible for burial even though he may have received veterans benefits, treatment at a Veterans Administration hospital or died in such a hospital.

(c) A person who has volunteered for service with the Armed Forces but has not actually entered on active duty.

(d) Nonservice-connected spouses who have been divorced from the service-connected members or who have remarried after the interment of the service-connected spouse and whose remarriage is still valid are not eligible because of the decedent's service.

(e) Dependents are not eligible for burial in Arlington National Cemetery unless the Service-connected family member has been or will be interred in that cemetery. This does not apply to widows or widowers of members of the Armed Forces lost or buried at sea or officially determined to be permanently absent in a status of missing or missing in action.