32 CFR § 553.32 - Conduct of memorial services and ceremonies.

§ 553.32 Conduct of memorial services and ceremonies.

(a) The Executive Director shall ensure the sanctity of public and private memorial and ceremonial events.

(b) All memorial services and ceremonies within Army National Military Cemeteries, other than official ceremonies, shall be purely memorial in purpose and may be dedicated only to:

(1) The memory of all those interred, inurned, or memorialized in Army National Military Cemeteries;

(2) The memory of all those who died in the military service of the United States while serving during a particular conflict or while serving in a particular military unit or units; or

(3) The memory of the individual or individuals to be interred, inurned, or memorialized at the particular site at which the service or ceremony is held.

(c) Memorial services and ceremonies at Army National Military Cemeteries will not include partisan political activities.

(d) Private memorial services may be closed to the media and public as determined by the decedent's primary next of kin.

(e) Public memorial services and public wreath-laying ceremonies shall be open to all members of the public to observe.