32 CFR 553.6 - Donations.

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§ 553.6 Donations.

(a) Policy. Under Department of the Army policy, proffered donations or gifts for beautifying Army national cemeteries may be accepted from legitimate societies and organizations or from reputable individuals, subject to the following provisions:

(1) The society, organization, or individual does not associate the name of the Department of the Army in any way with soliciting for the donation or gift.

(2) Delivery is made to the cemetery or to another point designated by the Department of the Army without expense to the Government.

(3) Installing, constructing, placing, or planting is in keeping with the planned development of the cemetery and the donor agrees to the use of the gift at any designated place within the cemetery.

(4) The donor is not permitted to affix any commemorative tablet or plaque to the items donated or to place one in the cemetery or elsewhere on Department of the Army property.

(b) Processing. All proffers of donations to Army national cemeteries will be referred to The Adjutant General with the recommendation of the cemetery superintendent as to the action to be taken.

(c) Conditional gifts. The Secretary of the Army is authorized, at his discretion, to accept, receive, hold, administer, and expend any gift, devise, or bequest of real or personal property on condition that the item be used for the benefit of, or in connection with, the operation maintenance, or administration of the two national cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Army. The Adjutant General will take appropriate action on conditional gifts as prescribed in AR 1-100.

(d) Unconditional gifts. All proffers or donations of gifts which are unconditional will be accompanied by a report stating all material facts in connection with the source, nature, and purpose of the gift.