32 CFR § 562.7 - Program information.

§ 562.7 Program information.

(a) The Senior ROTC is conducted at military colleges, civilian colleges and universities and military junior colleges. School authorities may apply for a ROTC unit to the region commander of the area in which the school is located or to TRADOC. To be eligible for a unit, the institution must:

(1) Be a 4-year degree granting college or university.

(2) Be accredited by an appropriate regional accrediting association or accredited by a nationally recognized professional accrediting association.

(3) Have an enrollment large enough to ensure that officer production requirements will be met.

(4) Agree to -

(i) Establish a Department of Military Science as an integral academic and administrative department of the institution.

(ii) Adopt as part of the institution's curriculum either the 2- or 4-year program (or both) of the senior ROTC.

(iii) Require each cadet enrolled in any ROTC course to devote the number of hours to military instruction prescribed by the Secretary of the Army.

(iv) Make available for use by the Senior ROTC unit necessary and adequate classrooms, administrative offices, office equipment, storage space, drill field, and other required facilities in a fair and equitable manner in comparison with other departments of the institution (or other elements of the institution, if the institution does not have departments) and to pay the costs of utilities and maintenance thereof.

(v) Grant appropriate academic credit applicable toward graduation for successful completion of courses offered by the Department of Military Science.

(vi) Arrange for the scheduling of military classes to make it equally convenient for students to participate in ROTC as in other courses at the same educational level.

(vii) Include a representative of the Department of Military Science designated by the PMS on all faculty committees whose recommendations would directly affect the Department of Military Science.

(viii) Provide, without expense to the Army, adequate storage and issue facilities for all Government property provided for the ROTC program, when the Army assumes accountability and responsibility for Government property. Adequate facilities will consist of safe, well-lighted, dry, heated, ventilated areas, provided with office space, shelving, bins, clothing racks, and cabinets, as required, and suitable storage space for arms and ammunition. All windows will be securely barred or provided with heavy mesh screen, and doors will be reinforced and fitted with cylinder locks. Such facilities will be separate and apart from those occupied by any other department of the institution or other Government agency. Determination will be made by the region commander as to adequacy, safety, and satisfactory nature of storage and issue facilities.

(5) Produce a minimum annual average of 15 qualified commissioned officers from each 4-year senior division unit or a combination of a 4- and 2-year senior division unit; or a minimum annual average of 10 qualified officers from each 2-year senior division unit.

(6) Comply with the following requirements:

(i) There will be no discrimination with respect to admission to the institution or subsequent treatment of students on the basis of race, color, or national origin.

(ii) The senior commissioned officer of the ROTC unit at the institution will be given the academic rank of Professor.

(b) Institutional authorities may, subject to approval of Department of the Army, elect to -

(1) Administer a GMS unit or a branch material unit. Their preference will be given consideration, but the type of unit approved for establishment will be determined on the basis of the needs of the Army.

(2) Administer the 4-year or the 2-year ROTC program, or both.

(3) Maintain accountability and responsibility for Government property issued for the ROTC program by complying with the following requirements or apply for relief therefrom.

(i) Appoint an officer of the institution as military property custodian who will be empowered to requisition, receive, stock, and account for Government property issued to the institution, and otherwise transact matter pertaining thereto for and in behalf of the institution.

(ii) Conform to the regulations of the Secretary of the Army relating to issue, care, use, safekeeping turn-in and accounting for such Government property as may be issued to the institution.

(iii) Comply with the provisions of law and regulations of the Secretary of the Army pertaining to the furnishing of a bond to cover the value of all Government property issued to the institutions, except uniforms, expendable articles, and supplies expendable in operation, maintenance, and instruction.

(c) Students desiring enrollment in a unit must:

(1) Be enrolled in and attending fulltime a regular course of instruction at a school participating in the program.

(2) Be a citizen of the United States.

(3) Be at least 17 years of age.

(4) Be physically capable of participating in the program.