32 CFR § 61.6 - Procedures.

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§ 61.6 Procedures.

(a) FAP Elements. FAP requires prevention, education, and training efforts to make all personnel aware of the scope of child abuse and domestic abuse problems and to facilitate cooperative efforts. The FAP will include:

(1) Prevention. Efforts to prevent child abuse and domestic abuse, including public awareness, information and education about the problem in general, and the NPSP, in accordance with DoD Instruction 6400.05, specifically directed toward potential victims, offenders, non-offending family members, and mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.

(2) Direct Services. Identification, treatment, counseling, rehabilitation, follow-up, and other services, directed toward the victims, their families, perpetrators of abuse, and their families. These services will be supplemented locally by:

(i) A multidisciplinary IDC established to assess incidents of alleged abuse and make incident status determinations.

(ii) A clinical case staff meeting (CCSM) to make recommendations for treatment and case management.

(3) Administration. All services, logistical support, and equipment necessary to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the FAP, including:

(i) Developing local memorandums of understanding with civilian authorities for reporting cases, providing services, and defining responsibilities when responding to child abuse and domestic abuse.

(ii) Use of personal service contracts to accomplish program goals.

(iii) Preparation of reports, consisting of incidence data.

(4) Evaluation. Needs assessments, program evaluation, research, and similar activities to support the FAP.

(5) Training. All educational measures, services, supplies, or equipment used to prepare or maintain the skills of personnel working in the FAP.

(b) Responding to FAP Incidents. The USD(P&R) or designee will establish procedures for:

(1) Reporting and responding to suspected child abuse consistent with 10 U.S.C. 1787 and 1794, 42 U.S.C. 13031, and 28 CFR part 81.

(2) Providing victim advocacy services to victims of domestic abuse consistent with DoD Instruction 6400.06 and section 534(d)(2) of Public Law 103-337, “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1995.”

(3) Responding to restricted and unrestricted reports of domestic abuse consistent with DoD Instruction 6400.06 and 10 U.S.C. 1058(b).

(4) Collection of FAP data into a central registry and analysis of such data in accordance with DoD 6400.1-M-1.

(5) Coordinating a comprehensive DoD response, including the FACAT, to allegations of extra-familial child sexual abuse in a DoD-sanctioned activity in accordance with DoD Instruction 6400.03 and 10 U.S.C. 1794.

(c) Notification of Extra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse in DoD-Sanctioned Activities. The names of the victim(s) and alleged abuser(s) will not be included in the notification. Notification will include:

(1) Name of the installation.

(2) Type of child care setting.

(3) Number of children alleged to be victims.

(4) Estimated number of potential child victims.

(5) Whether an installation response team is being convened to address the investigative, medical, and public affairs issues that may be encountered.

(6) Whether a request for the DASD(MC&FP) to deploy a FACAT in accordance with DoD Instruction 6400.03 is being considered.