32 CFR § 634.41 - Compliance with State laws.

§ 634.41 Compliance with State laws.

(a) Installation commanders will inform service members, contractors and DOD civilian employees to comply with State and local traffic laws when operating government motor vehicles.

(b) Commanders will coordinate with the proper civil law enforcement agency before moving Government vehicles that exceed legal limits or regulations or that may subject highway users to unusual hazards. (See AR 55–162/OPNAVINST 4600.11D/AFJI 24–216/MCO 4643.5C).

(c) Installation commanders will maintain liaison with civil enforcement agencies and encourage the following:

(1) Release of a Government vehicle operator to military authorities unless one of the following conditions exists.

(i) The offense warrants detention.

(ii) The person's condition is such that further operation of a motor vehicle could result in injury to the person or others.

(2) Prompt notice to military authorities when military personnel or drivers of Government motor vehicles have—

(i) Committed serious violations of civil traffic laws.

(ii) Been involved in traffic accidents.

(3) Prompt notice of actions by a State or host nation to suspend, revoke, or restrict the State or host nation driver's license (vehicle operation privilege) of persons who—

(i) Operate Government motor vehicles.

(ii) Regularly operate a POV on the installation. (See also § 634.16).