32 CFR § 634.6 - Requirements for driving privileges.

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§ 634.6 Requirements for driving privileges.

(a) Driving a Government vehicle or POV on military installations is a privilege granted by the installation commander. Persons who accept the privilege must -

(1) Be lawfully licensed to operate motor vehicles in appropriate classifications and not be under suspension or revocation in any state or host country.

(2) Comply with laws and regulations governing motor vehicle operations on any U. S. military installation.

(3) Comply with installation registration requirements in subpart C of this part. Vehicle registration is required on all Army installations through use of the Vehicle Registration System (VRS). Vehicle registration is required on all Air Force and DLA installations and as directed by the Chief, National Guard Bureau.

(4) Possess, while operating a motor vehicle and produce on request by law enforcement personnel, the following:

(i) Proof of vehicle ownership or state registration if required by the issuing state or host nation.

(ii) A valid state, host nation, overseas command, or international driver's license and/or OF 346 (U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card), as applicable to the class vehicle to be operated, supported by a DD Form 2A (U.S. Armed Forces Identification Card), Common Access Card (CAC) or other appropriate identification for non-Department of Defense (DOD) civilians.

(iii) A valid record of motor vehicle safety inspection, as required by the state or host nation and valid proof of insurance if required by the state or locality.

(iv) Any regulatory permits, or other pertinent documents relative to shipping and transportation of special cargo.

(v) When appropriate, documents that establish identification and status of cargo or occupants.

(vi) Proof of valid insurance. Proof of insurance consists of an insurance card, or other documents issued by the insurance company, that has a policy effective date and an expiration date.

(b) Operators of Government motor vehicles must have proof of authorization to operate the vehicle.