32 CFR 635.36 - Notification.

§ 635.36 Notification.
(a) In addition to providing crime victims and witnesses a DD Form 2701, law enforcement personnel must ensure that individuals are notified about—
(1) Available military and civilian emergency medical care.
(2) Social services, when necessary.
(3) Procedures to contact the staff judge advocate victim/witness liaison office for additional assistance.
(b) Investigating law enforcement personnel, such as military police investigators—
(1) Must ensure that victims and witnesses have been offered a DD Form 2701. If not, investigating personnel will give the individual a copy.
(2) In coordination with the Provost Marshal/Director of Emergency Services victim witness coordinator, provide status on investigation of the crime to the extent that releasing such information does not jeopardize the investigation.
(3) Will, if requested, inform all victims and witnesses of the apprehension of a suspected offender.
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