32 CFR § 724.112 - Clemency discharge.

§ 724.112 Clemency discharge.

(a) The clemency discharge was created by the President on September 16, 1974, in his Proclamation 4313, “Announcing a Program for the Return of Vietnam Era Draft Evaders and Military Deserters.” Upon issuance to individuals who have an undesirable discharge or a punitive discharge, a clemency discharge serves as a written testimonial to the fact that the individual has satisfied the requirements of the President's program, and has fully earned his/her return to the mainstream of American society in accordance with that program.

(b) The clemency discharge is a neutral discharge, neither honorable nor less than honorable. It does not effect a change in the characterization of the individual's military service as having been under other than honorable condition, nor does it serves to change, seal, erase or in any way modify the individual's past military record. Therefore, if the underlying discharge was issued as a result of a general court-martial, the issuance of a Clemency Discharge does not subject the underlying characterization to review under 10 U.S.C. 1553. Clemency discharges are issued by the Commander, Naval Military Personnel Command or the Commandant of the Marine Corps when an individual has met the requirements of the Presidential Proclamation.