32 CFR § 726.9 - Reports and supervision of trustees.

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§ 726.9 Reports and supervision of trustees.

(a)Accounting reports. The trustee designated by DFAS-CL(CGA) will submit accounting reports annually or at such other times as DFAS-CL(CGA) or his designee directs. DFAS-CL(CGA) will provide forms to be used by trustees for the required accounting report. The report will account for all funds received from the Navy or Marine Corps on behalf of the member. When payments to a trustee are terminated for any reason, the trustee will submit a final accounting report to DFAS-CL(CGA). Upon approval of the final accounting report, the trustee and the surety will be discharged from liability.

(b)Failure to submit a report and default. If an accounting report is not received by the date designated by DFAS-CL(CGA) or an accounting is unsatisfactory, DFAS-CL(CGA) will notify the trustee in writing. If a satisfactory accounting is not received by DFAS-CL(CGA) within the time specified, the trustee will be declared in default of the trustee agreement and will be liable for all unaccounted trustee funds. If a trustee is declared in default of the trustee agreement, DFAS-CL(CGA) will terminate payments to the trustee and, if necessary, a successor trustee may be appointed. The trustee and surety will be notified in writing by DFAS-CL(CGA) of the declaration of default. The notification will state the reasons for default, the amount of indebtedness to the Government, and will demand payment for the full amount of indebtedness. If payment in full is not received by DFAS-CL(CGA) within an appropriate period of time from notification of default, the account may be forwarded to the Department of Justice for recovery of funds through appropriate civil action.

[73 FR 64207, Oct. 29, 2008]