32 CFR § 732.18 - Notification of illness or injury.

§ 732.18 Notification of illness or injury.

(a)Member's responsibility.

(1) If able, members must notify or cause their parent command, the nearest naval activity, or per OPNAVINST 6320.6, the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate when hospitalized in a foreign medical facility to be notified as soon as possible of the circumstances requiring medical or dental attention in a non-Federal facility. The member will also assure (request the facility to make notification if unable to do so personally) that the following information is passed to the adjudication authority serving the area of the source of care (§ 732.20). This notification is in addition to the requirements of article 4210100 of the Military Personnel Command Manual (MILPERSMAN) or Marine Corps Order 6320.3B, as appropriate. The adjudication authority will then arrange for transfer of the member and, if appropriate, newborn infant(s), to a Federal facility or for such other action as is appropriate.

(i) Name, grade or rate, and social security number of patient.

(ii) Name of non-Federal medical or dental facility rendering treatment.

(iii) Date(s) of such treatment.

(iv) Nature and extent of treatment or care already furnished.

(v) Need or apparent need for further treatment (for maternity patients, need or apparent need for further care of infant(s) also).

(vi) Earliest date on which transfer to a Federal facility can be effected.

(vii) Telephone number of attending physician and patient.

(2) Should movement be delayed due to actions of the member or the member's family, payment may be denied for all care received after provision of written notification by the adjudication authority.

(3) The denial is § 732.18(a)(2) will be for care received after the member's condition has stabilized and after the cognizant adjudication authority has made a request to the attending physician and hospital administration for the member's release from the civilian facility. This notification must specify:

(i) Date and time the Navy will terminate its responsibility for payment.

(ii) That care rendered subsequent to receipt of the written notification is at the expense of the member.

(b)Adjudication authority. As soon as it is ascertained that a member is being treated in a nonnaval facility, adjudication authorities must make the notifications required in MILPERSMAN, article 4210100.11. See part 728 of this chapter on message drafting and information addressees.

(1) Article 4210100.11 of the MILPERSMAN requires submission of a personnel casualty report, by priority message, to the primary and secondary next of kin (PNOK/SNOK) of Navy members seriously or very seriously ill or injured, and on those terminally ill (diagnosed and confirmed). While submission of the personnel casualty report to the PNOK and SNOK is a responsibility of the member's command, adjudication authorities must advise the member's command when such a member is being treated or diagnosed by non-Federal sources. The message will also request forwarding of the member's service and medical records to the personnel support detachment (PSD) supporting the activity in which the OMA is located. Additionally, the notification should contain a request for appropriate orders, either temporary additional duty (TEMADD) or temporary duty (TEMPDU).

(i) Request TEMADD orders if care is expected to terminate within the time constraints imposed for these orders.

(ii) Request TEMDU Under Treatment orders for members hospitalized in a NMTF within the adjudication authority's area of responsibility.

(2) Make prompt message notification to the member's commanding officer when apprised of any medical condition, including pregnancy, which will now or in the foreseeable future result in loss of a member's full duty services in excess of 72 hours. Mark the message “Commanding Officer's Eyes Only.”