32 CFR § 732.21 - Medical board.

§ 732.21 Medical board.

When adjudication authorities uncover conditions which may be chronic or otherwise potentially disabling, they should make a determination (with help from appropriate clinical specialists) as to the need for a medical board. Chapter 18 of MANMED and Medical Disposition and Physical Standards Notes, available from COMNAVMEDCOM (MEDCOM-25), provide guidance.

(a) Chronic conditions requiring a medical board include (but are not limited to):

(1) Arthritis,

(2) Asthma,

(3) Diabetes,

(4) Gout,

(5) Heart disease,

(6) Hypertension,

(7) Peptic ulcer disease,

(8) Psychiatric conditions, and

(9) Allergic conditions requiring desensitization.

(b) Other potentially disabling or chronic conditions may be referred to a medical board by the adjudication authority with the concurrence of an appropriate naval clinical specialist and the commander of the regional medical command.