32 CFR § 732.22 - Recovery of medical care payments.

§ 732.22 Recovery of medical care payments.

Adjudication authorities must submit evidence of payment to the action JAG designee per chapter 24 of the Manual of the Judge Advocate General (JAGMAN), in each instance of payment where a third party may be legally liable for causing the injury or disease treated, or when a Government claim is possible under workers compensation, no-fault insurance, or under medical payments insurance (all automobile accident cases).

(a) To assist in identifying possible third party liability cases, item 16 of each NAVMED 6320/10 must be completed whenever benefits are received in connection with a vehicle accident. Adjudication authorities should return for completion, as applicable, any claim received without item 16 completed.

(b) The front of a NAVJAG Form 5890/12 (Hospital and Medical Care, 3rd Party Liability Case) must be completed and submitted by adjudication authorities with evidence of payment. Block 4 of this form requires an appended statement of the patient or an accident report, if available. To ensure that Privacy Act procedures are accomplished and documented, the person securing such a statement from a recipient of care must show the recipient the Privacy Act statement printed at the bottom of the form prior to securing such a statement. The member should be asked to sign his or her name beneath the statement.

(c) For care rendered in States with no-fault insurance laws, comply with procedures outlined in § 732.19(c)(3).