32 CFR § 751.10 - Form of claim.

§ 751.10 Form of claim.

The claim should be submitted on DD Form 1842 (Claim for Personal Property) accompanied by DD Form 1844 (List of Property). If DD Forms 1842 and 1844 1 are not available, any writing will be accepted and considered if it asserts a demand for a specific sum and substantially describes the facts necessary to support a claim cognizable under these regulations. The claim must be signed by a proper claimant (see § 751.5) or by a person with a power of attorney for a proper claimant. A copy of the power of attorney must be included with the claim.

1 Copies of these forms may be obtained by contacting the legal office or personal property office serving the installation where the claimant is stationed, or nearest to the point where the loss or damage occurred or on the Internet at http://www.jag.navy.mil.

[57 FR 5055, Feb. 12, 1992, as amended at 72 FR 53424, Sept. 19, 2007]

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