32 CFR § 755.6 - Action where offenders are members of one command.

§ 755.6 Action where offenders are members of one command.

(a) Action by commanding officer. The commanding officer shall ensure the alleged offenders are shown the investigative report and are advised they have 20 days within which to submit a statement or additional information on the incident. If the member declines to submit information, he shall so state in writing within the 20 day period. The commanding officer shall review the investigation and determine whether the claim is properly within the provisions of Article 139, UCMJ, and these regulations, and whether the facts indicate responsibility for the damage on members of the command. If the commanding officer finds the claim payable under these regulations, he shall fix the amount to be assessed against the offenders.

(b) Review. If the commanding officer has authority to convene a general court-martial, no further review of the investigation is required as to the redress of injuries to property. If the commanding officer does not have general court-martial convening authority, the investigation and the commanding officer's action thereon shall be forwarded to the officer exercising general court-martial jurisdiction (OEGCM) over the command for review and action on the claim. That officer's action on the claim shall be communicated to the commanding officer who will take action consistent with the determination.

(c) Charge against pay. Where the amount does not exceed $5,000.00, the amount ordered by the commanding officer shall, as provided in the Navy Comptroller Manual, be charged against the pay of the offenders and the amounts so collected will be paid to the claimant. Where the amount exceeds $5,000.00, the claim, the investigation, and the commanding officer's recommendation shall be forwarded for review prior to checkage to Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (Code JAR) or the Judge Advocate General, as appropriate. The amount charged in any single month against the pay of offenders shall not exceed one-half of basic pay, as defined in paragraph 126h(2), Manual for Courts-Martial. The action of the commanding officer in ordering the assessment shall be conclusive on any disbursing officer for payment to the claimant of the damages assessed, approved, charged, and collected.