32 CFR § 77.4 - Policy.

§ 77.4 Policy.

It is DoD policy that:

(a) All separating Service members and former members shall be encouraged to enter public or community service employment.

(b) Service members determined to be eligible by the Secretary of their Military Department for, and who do request retirement with fewer than 20 years of service, are required by Pub. L. 102-484, Section 4403 to register for public and community service employment.

(1) This registration normally shall take place not earlier than 90 days before retirement or terminal/transition leave.

(2) In order to have their military retired pay and Survivor Benefit Plan base amount (if applicable) recomputed in accordance with DoD Instruction 1340.19 1 early retirees must be employed with a DoD-registered public or community service organization that provides the services listed in sections 77.3(d)(1) through (d)(12), or that coordinates the provision of services listed in section 77.3(d)(1) through (d)(12).

1 Copies may be obtained, at cost, from the National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161.

(c) DoD civilian personnel leaving the Government, their spouses, and spouses of Service members who are seeking employment shall be encouraged to register for public and community service employment.