32 CFR § 806b.15 - Fees.

ยง 806b.15 Fees.

Give the first 100 pages free, and charge only reproduction costs for the remainder. Copies cost $.15 per page; microfiche costs $.25 per fiche. Charge fees for all pages for subsequent requests for the same records. Do not charge fees:

(a) When the requester can get the record without charge under another publication (for example, medical records).

(b) For search.

(c) For reproducing a document for the convenience of the Air Force.

(d) For reproducing a record so the requester can review it.

Fee waivers. Waive fees automatically if the direct cost of reproduction is less than $15, unless the individual is seeking an obvious extension or duplication of a previous request for which he or she was granted a waiver. Decisions to waive or reduce fees that exceed $15 are made on a case-by-case basis.