32 CFR 85.4 - Policy.

§ 85.4 Policy.

It is DoD policy to:

(a) Encourage military personnel, retirees, their families and civilian employees to live healthy lives through an integrated, coordinated and comprehensive health promotion program.

(b) Foster an environment that enhances the development of healthful lifestyles and high unit performance.

(c) Recognize the right of individuals working or visiting in DoD occupied buildings to an environment reasonably free of contaminants.

(d) Disallow DoD Components' participation with manufacturers or distributors of alcohol or tobacco products in promotional programs, activities, or contests aimed primarily at DoD personnel. This does not prevent accepting support from these manufacturers or distributors for worthwhile programs benefiting military personnel when no advertised cooperation between the Departmment of Defense and the manufacturer or distributor directly or indirectly identifying an alcohol or tobacco product with the program is required. Neither does it prevent the participation of military personnel in programs, activities, or contests approved by the manufacturers or distributors of such products when that participation is incidental to general public participation.