32 CFR § 865.105 - Jurisdiction and authority.

§ 865.105 Jurisdiction and authority.

The DRB has jurisdiction and authority in cases of former military personnel who, at the time of their separation from the Service, were members of the US Army Aviation components (Aviation Section, Signal Corps; Air Service; Air Corps; or Air Forces) prior to September 17, 1947, or the US Air Force. The DRB does not have jurisdiction and authority concerning personnel of other armed services who at the time of their separation, were assigned to duty with the Army Air Forces or the US Air Force.

(a) The DRB's review is based on the former member's available military records, issues submitted by the former member, or his counsel and on any other evidence that is presented to the DRB. The DRB determines whether the type of discharge or dismissal the former member received is equitable and proper; if not, the DRB instructs the USAF Manpower and Personnel Center (AFMPC) to change the discharge reason or to issue a new character of discharge according to the DRB's findings.

(b) The DRB is not authorized to revoke any discharge, to reinstate any person who has been separated from the military service, or to recall any person to active duty.

(c) The DRB, on its own motion, may review a case that appears likely to result in a decision favorable to the former military member, without the member's knowledge or presence. In this case, if the decision is:

(1) Favorable, the DRB directs AFMPC to notify the former member accordingly at the member's last known address.

(2) Unfavorable, the DRB returns the case to the files without any record of formal action; the DRB then reconsiders the case without prejudice in accordance with normal procedures.