32 CFR § 881.2 - Screening the applications.

§ 881.2 Screening the applications.

(a) HQ AFPC/DPPRS reviews your application and does one of the following:

(1) Refers your application to another military department and sends you a written notice or a copy of the referral letter.

(2) Returns your application without prejudice if the Secretary of the Air Force has not determined whether members of your group are certified for discharge. You may resubmit the application after the Secretary determines that your group is certified.

(3) Refers applications made by a group (or individuals on behalf of a group) to the Secretary of the Air Force, Manpower, Reserve Affairs and installations, Personnel Council (AFPC), The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330 for further review. This part does not cover such applications.

(4) Returns the application to you if it is complete.

(5) Refers all complete applications to the Individual Service Review Board for further consideration.