32 CFR § 93.2 - Purpose and applicability.

§ 93.2 Purpose and applicability.

(a) This part implements § 93.1(a) in the National Security Agency/Central Security Service including all field sites (hereinafter referred to collectively as NSA). The procedures herein are also promulgated pursuant to the NSA's independent authority, under § 1.12(b)(10) of E.O. 12333 referenced under § 93.1(b), to protect the security of its activities, information and employees. This part establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes mandatory procedures for service of process at NSA and for the release of official information in litigation by NSA personnel, through testimony or otherwise.

(b) This part is intended only to provide guidance for the internal operation of the NSA and does not create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law against the United States, the Department of Defense, or NSA. This part does not override the statutory privilege against the disclosure of the organization or any function of the NSA, of any information with respect to the activities thereof, or of the names, titles, salaries, or numbers of the persons employed by the NSA. See section 6(a) of the DoD Directive referenced under § 93.1(a).

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