32 CFR § 96.5 - Responsibilities.

§ 96.5 Responsibilities.

(a)The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower, Installations, and Logistics) shall submit the implementing Military Service regulations to the Senate and House Committees on Armed Services, in accordance with section 520a of title 10 U.S. Code.

(b)The Secretaries of the Military Departments shall develop and prepare uniform implementing regulations concerning acquisition, review, and safeguarding of criminal history record information by recruiting elements to conform with section 520a of title 10 U.S. Code, policies stated herein and shall include in the regulations procedures on obtaining and reviewing criminal history record information for recruitment purposes and for assignment of personnel to special programs.

(c)The Director, Defense Investigative Service, shall ensure that the acquisition of all available criminal history record information, or criminal history record information provided to the DIS by other government agencies, is safeguarded in accordance with existing laws or DoD regulatory documents to ensure protection of the privacy of the enlistment applicant on whom the record exists.