32 CFR § 989.13 - Categorical exclusion.

§ 989.13 Categorical exclusion.

(a) CATEXs define those categories of actions that do not individually or cumulatively have potential for significant effect on the environment and do not, therefore, require further environmental analysis in an EA or an EIS. The list of Air Force-approved CATEXs is in appendix B. Supplements to this part may not add CATEXs or expand the scope of the CATEXs in appendix B.

(b) Characteristics of categories of actions that usually do not require either an EIS or an EA (in the absence of extraordinary circumstances) include:

(1) Minimal adverse effect on environmental quality.

(2) No significant change to existing environmental conditions.

(3) No significant cumulative environmental impact.

(4) Socioeconomic effects only.

(5) Similarity to actions previously assessed and found to have no significant environmental impacts.

(c) CATEXs apply to actions in the United States and abroad. General exemptions specific to actions abroad are in 32 CFR part 187. The EPF or other decision-maker forwards requests for additional exemption determinations for actions abroad to HQ USAF/A7CI with a justification letter.

(d) Normally, any decision-making level may determine the applicability of a CATEX and need not formally record the determination on AF Form 813 or elsewhere, except as noted in the CATEX list.

(e) Application of a CATEX to an action does not eliminate the need to meet air conformity requirements (see § 989.30).

[64 FR 38129, July 15, 1999, as amended at 66 FR 16868, Mar. 28, 2001; 72 FR 37106, July 9, 2007]

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