32 CFR § 989.21 - Record of decision (ROD).

§ 989.21 Record of decision (ROD).

(a) The proponent and the EPF prepare a draft ROD, formally staff it through the MAJCOM EPC, to HQ USAF/A7CI for verification of adequacy, and forwards it to either SAF/IEI or SAF/AQR, as the case may be, for approval and designation of the signator. A ROD (40 CFR 1505.2) is a concise public document stating what an agency's decision is on a specific action. The ROD may be integrated into any other document required to implement the agency's decision. A decision on a course of action may not be made until the later of the following dates:

(1) 90 days after publication of the DEIS; or

(2) 30 days after publication of the NOA of the Final EIS in the Federal Register.

(b) The Air Force must announce the ROD to the affected public as specified in § 989.24, except for classified portions. The ROD should be concise and should explain the conclusion, the reason for the selection, and the alternatives considered. The ROD must identify the course of action, whether it is the proposed action or an alternative, that is considered environmentally preferable regardless of whether it is the alternative selected for implementation. The ROD should summarize all the major factors the agency weighed in making its decision, including essential considerations of national policy.

(c) The ROD must state whether the selected alternative employs all practicable means to avoid, minimize, or mitigate environmental impacts and, if not, explain why not.

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