32 CFR § 989.22 - Mitigation.

§ 989.22 Mitigation.

(a) When preparing EIAP documents, indicate clearly whether mitigation measures (40 CFR 1508.20) must be implemented for the alternative selected. If using Best Management Practices (BMPs), identify the specific BMPs being used and include those BMPs in the mitigation plan. Discuss mitigation measures in terms of “will” and “would” when such measures have already been incorporated into the proposal. Use terms like “may” and “could” when proposing or suggesting mitigation measures. Both the public and the Air Force community need to know what commitments are being considered and selected, and who will be responsible for implementing, funding, and monitoring the mitigation measures.

(b) The proponent funds and implements mitigation measures in the mitigation plan that is approved by the decision-maker. Where possible and appropriate because of amount, the proponent should include the cost of mitigation as a line item in the budget for a proposed project. The proponent must ensure compliance with mitigation requirements, monitoring their effectiveness, and must keep the EPF informed of the mitigation status. The EPF reports its status, through the MAJCOM, to HQ USAF/A7CI when requested. Upon request, the EPF must also provide the results of relevant mitigation monitoring to the public.

(c) The proponent may “mitigate to insignificance” potentially significant environmental impacts found during preparation of an EA, in lieu of preparing an EIS. The FONSI for the EA must include these mitigation measures. Such mitigations are legally binding and must be carried out as the proponent implements the project. If, for any reason, the project proponent later abandons or revises in environmentally adverse ways the mitigation commitments made in the FONSI, the proponent must prepare a supplemental EIAP document before continuing the project. If potentially significant environmental impacts would result from any project revisions, the proponent must prepare an EIS.

(d) For each FONSI or ROD containing mitigation measures, the proponent prepares a plan specifically identifying each mitigation, discussing how the proponent will execute the mitigations, identifying who will fund and implement the mitigations, and stating when the proponent will complete the mitigation. The mitigation plan will be forwarded, through the MAJCOM EPF to HQ USAF/A7CI for review within 90 days from the date of signature of the FONSI or ROD.

[64 FR 38129, July 15, 1999, as amended at 66 FR 16868, Mar. 28, 2001; 72 FR 37106, July 9, 2007]

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