32 CFR Part 150, Appendix B to Part 150 - Format for Assignment of Errors and Brief on Behalf of Accused (

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Appendix B to Part 150—Format for Assignment of Errors and Brief on Behalf of Accused (§ 150.15)
In the United States ______ 2 Court of Criminal Appeals
United States v.
(Full typed name, rank, service, & service number of accused), Appellant

2 Use “Army,” “Navy-Marine Corps,” “Air Force,” or “Coast Guard,” as applicable.

Assignment of Errors and Brief on Behalf of Accused Case No. ____
Tried at (location), on (date(s)) before a (type of court-martial) appointed by (convening authority)
To the Honorable, the Judges of the United States ______ Court of Criminal Appeals
Statement of the Case
[Set forth a concise summary of the chronology of the case, including the general nature of the charges, the pleas of the accused, the findings and sentence at trial, the action by the convening authority, and any other pertinent information regarding the proceedings.]
Statement of Facts
[Set forth those facts necessary to a disposition of the assigned errors, including specific page references and exhibit numbers. Answers may adopt appellant's or petitioner's statement of facts if there is no dispute, may state additional facts, or, if there is a dispute, may restate the facts as they appear from appellee's or respondent's viewpoint. The repetition of uncontroverted matters is not desired.]
Errors and Argument
[Set forth each error alleged in upper case letters, followed by separate arguments for each error. Arguments shall discuss briefly the question presented, citing and quoting such authorities as are deemed pertinent. Each argument shall include a statement of the applicable standard of review, and shall be followed by a specific prayer for the relief requested.]
[The brief of either party may include an appendix containing copies of unpublished opinions cited in the brief, and extracts of statutes, rules or regulations pertinent to the assigned errors.]
(Signature of counsel)
Name (and rank) of counsel, address and telephone number
Certificate of Filing and Service
I certify that a copy of the foregoing was mailed or delivered to the Court and opposing counsel on (date).
Name (rank) (and signature)
Address and telephone number
__________ (Date)

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