32 CFR Part 154, Appendix E to Part 154 - Personnel Security Determination Authorities

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Appendix E to Part 154—Personnel Security Determination Authorities
A. Officials authorized to grant, deny or revoke personnel security clearances (Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential):
1. Secretary of Defense and/or designee
2. Secretary of the Army and/or designee
3. Secretary of the Navy and/or designee
4. Secretary of the Air Force and/or designee
5. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff and/or designee
6. Directors of the Defense Agencies and/or designee
7. Commanders of the Unified and Specified Commands and/or designee
B. Officials authorized to grant Limited Access Authorizations:
1. Secretaries of the Military Departments and/or designee
2. Director, Washington Headquarters Service for OSD and/or designee
3. Chairman, JCS and/or designee
4. Directors of the Defense Agencies and/or designee
5. Commanders, Unified and Specified Commands and/or designee
C. Officials authorized to grant access to SCI:
Director, NSA—for NSA
Director, DIA—for OSD, OJCS, and Defense Agencies
Senior Officers of the Intelligence Community of the Army, Navy, and Air Force—for their respective Military Departments, or their single designee.
D. Officials authorized to certify personnel under their jurisdiction for access to Restricted Data (to include Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information): see enclosure to DoD Directive 5210.2.
E. Officials authorized to approve personnel for assignment to Presidential Support activities: The Executive Secretary to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense or designee.
F. Officials authorized to grant access to SIOP-ESI:
1. Director of Strategic Target Planning
2. Director, Joint Staff, OJCS
3. Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
4. Chief of Naval Operations
5. Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force
6. Commandant of the Marine Corps
7. Commanders of Unified and Specified Commands
8. The authority to grant access delegated above may be further delegated in writing by the above officials to the appropriate subordinates.
G. Officials authorized to designate sensitive positions:
1. Heads of DoD Components or their designees for critical-sensitive positions.
2. Organizational commanders for noncritical-sensitive positions.
H. Nonappropriated Fund Positions of Trust:
Officials authorized to designate nonappropriated fund positions of trust: Heads of DoD Components and/or their designees.

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