32 CFR Part 216, Appendix B to Part 216 - ROTC Sample Letter of Inquiry

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Appendix B to Part 216—ROTC Sample Letter of Inquiry
(Tailor letter to situation presented)
Dr. Jane Smith,
President, ABC University, Anywhere, USA 12345-9876.
Dear Dr. Smith: I understand that ABC University has [refused a request from a Military Department to establish a Senior ROTC unit at your institution] [refused to continue existing ROTC programs at your institution][prevented students from participation at a Senior ROTC program at another institution] by a policy or practice of the University.
Current Federal law (10 U.S.C. 983) denies the use of certain Federal funds through grants or contracts, to include payment on such contracts or grants previously obligated, (excluding any Federal funding to an institution of higher education, or to an individual, to be available solely for student financial assistance, related administrative costs, or costs associated with attendance) from appropriations of the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and related agencies to institutions of higher education (including any subelements of such institutions) that have a policy or practice of prohibiting or preventing the Secretary of Defense from maintaining, establishing, or efficiently operating a Senior ROTC unit. Implementing regulations are codified at Title 32, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 216.
This letter provides you an opportunity to clarify your institution's policy regarding ROTC access on the campus of ABC University. In that regard, I request, within the next 30 days, a written statement of the institution with respect to [define the problem area(s)].
Based on this information, Department of Defense officials will make a determination as to your institution's eligibility to receive the above-referenced funds by grant or contract. That decision may affect eligibility for funding from appropriations of the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and related agencies. Should it be determined that [University] as an institution of higher education (or any subelement of the institution) is in violation of the aforementioned statutes and regulations, such funding would be stopped, and the institution of higher education (including any subelements of the institution) would remain ineligible to receive such funds until and unless the Department of Defense determines that the institution has ceased the offending policies and practices.
I regret that this action may have to be taken. Successful officer procurement requires that the Department of Defense maintain a strong ROTC program. I hope it will be possible to [define the correction to the aforementioned problem area(s)]. [My representative, (name), is] [I am] available to answer any of your questions by telephone at [telephone number]. I look forward to your reply.

Title 32 published on 2015-07-01.

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