32 CFR Part 323, Appendix C to Part 323 - Instructions for Preparation of Reports to New or Altered Systems

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Appendix C to Part 323—Instructions for Preparation of Reports to New or Altered Systems
The report on a new or altered system will consist of a transmittal letter, a narrative statement, and include supporting documentation.
A. Transmittal Letter. The transmittal letter shall include any request for waivers. The narrative statement will be attached.
B. Narrative Statement. The narrative statement is typed in double space on standard bond paper. The statement includes:
1. System identification and name. This caption sets forth the identification and name of the system.
2. Responsible official. The name, title, address, and telephone number of the official responsible for the report and to whom inquiries and comments about the report may be directed by Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, or Defense Privacy Office.
3. Purpose of the system or nature of the change proposed. Describe the purpose of the new system. For an altered system, describe the nature of the change being proposed.
4. Authority for the system. See enclosure 1 of this part.
5. Number of individuals. The approximate number of individuals about whom records are to be maintained.
6. Information on First Amendment activities. Describe any information to be kept on the exercise of the individual's First Amendment rights and the basis for maintaining it.
7. Measures to ensure information accuracy. If the system is to be used to make determinations about the rights, benefits, or entitlements of individuals, describe the measures being established to ensure the accuracy, currency, relevance, and completeness of the information used for these purposes.
8. Other measures to ensure system security. Describe the steps taken to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the system. A more detailed assessment of security risks and specific administrative, technical, and physical safeguards will be available for review upon request.
9. Relationship to state and local government activities. Describe the relationship of the system to state or local government activities that are the sources, recipients, or users of the information in the system.
C. Supporting Documentation. Item 10 of the narrative is captioned Supporting Documents. A positive statement for this caption is essential for those enclosures that are not required to be enclosed. For example, “No changes to the existing DLA procedural or exemption rules (32 CFR part 323) are required for this proposed system.” List in numerical sequence only those enclosures that are actually furnished. The following are typical enclosures that may be required:
1. For a new system, an advance copy of the system notice which is proposed for publication; for an altered system an advance copy of the notice reflecting the specific changes proposed.
2. An advance copy of any proposed exemption rule if the new or altered system is to be exempted. If there is no exemption, so state in the narrative.
3. Any other supporting documentation that may be pertinent or helpful in understanding the need for the system or clarifying its intended use. While not required, such documentation, when available, is helpful in evaluating the new or altered system.
[DLAR 5400.21, 51 FR 33595, Sept. 22, 1986. Redesignated and amended at 56 FR 57803, Nov. 14, 1991]

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