32 CFR Part 505, Appendix A to Part 505 - References

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Appendix A to Part 505—References
(a) The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a, as amended).
(b) OMB Circular No. A-130, Management of Federal Information Resources.
(c) AR 25-55, The Department of the Army Freedom of Information Program.
(d) DA PAM 25-51, The Army Privacy Program—System of Records Notices and Exemption Rules.
(e) DOD Directive 5400.11, Department of Defense Privacy Program.
(f) DOD 5400.11-R, Department of Defense Privacy Program.
(g) AR 25-2, Information Assurance
(h) AR 25-400-2, The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS).
(i) AR 27-10, Military Justice.
(j) AR 40-66, Medical Record Administration and Health Care Documentation.
(k) AR 60-20 and AFR 147-14, Army and Air Force Exchange Service Operating Policies.
(l) AR 190-45, Law Enforcement Reporting.
(m) AR 195-2, Criminal Investigation Activities.
(n) AR 380-5, Department of Army Information Security Program.
(o) DOD Directive 5400-7, DOD Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program.
(q) DOD 5400.7-R, DOD Freedom of Information Program.
(r) DOD 6025.18-R, DOD Health Information Privacy Regulation (HIPAA).
(s) U.S. Department of Justice, Freedom of Information Act Guide and Privacy Act Overview.
(t) Office of Secretary of Defense memorandum, dated July 15, 2005, subject: Notifying Individuals when Personal Information is Lost, Stolen, or Compromised located at http://www.army.mil/ciog6/referencs/policy/dos/OSDprivateinfo.pdf.

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