32 CFR Part 513, Appendix A to Part 513 - References

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Appendix A to Part 513—References
Section I
Required Publications.
AR 340-2
Maintenance and Dispostion of Records in TOE Units of the Active Army, the Army Reserve and the National Guard. (Cited in § 513.3(b)(2)).
AR 340-17
Release of Information and Records from Army Files. (Cited in § 513.2(a)(3)(viii)(H)).
AR 340-18
The Army Functional Files System. (Cited in § 513.3(b)(2)).
AR 340-21
The Army Privacy Program. (Cited in §§ 513.1(d)(5)(iv) and 513.2(a)(3)(viii)(H)).
AR 600-37
Unfavorable Information. (Cited in § 513.3(b) (2) and (3)).
DA Pam 27-166
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act. (Cited in § 513.4(b)).
DA Pam 360-520
Credit: Master or Servant. (Cited in §§ 513.2(a)(3)(viii)(G) and 513.4(a)(4)).
Uniform Code of Military Justice. (Cited in §§ 513.1(e)(7)(iv), 513.2(a)(3)(viii)(D) and 513.3(a)(4)).
Section II
Related Publications.
A related publication is merely a source of additional information. The user does not have to read it to understand this regulation.
AR 1-9
White House Liaison, Communications, and Inspections.
AR 11-2
Internal Control Systems.
AR 27-3
Legal Assistance.
AR 37-60
Pricing for Materiel and Services.
AR 140-1
USAR—Mission, Organization, and Training.
AR 210-24
Credit Unions.
AR 210-60
Control and Prevention of Abuse of Check Cashing Privileges.
AR 210-135
Banking Service on Army Installations.
AR 601-280
Army Reenlistment Program.
AR 608-1
Army Community Service Program.
AR 608-99
Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity.
AR 635-100
Officer Personnel (Separations).
AR 635-200
Enlisted Personnel (Separations).
DODD 1344.9
Indebtedness of Military Personnel.
Federal Reserve Board Regulation Z Truth in Lending.
Section III
Prescribed Forms.
DA Form 4817-R
Consent/Nonconsent to Disclose Personal Information. (Cited in §§ 513.2(a)(3)(viii) (A) and (H), and 513.2(d)(4)(iv)).
Section IV
Referenced Forms.
DA Form 209
Delay, Referral, or Follow-Up Notice.
PS Form 3811
Return Receipt, Registered, Insured, and Certified Mail.

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