32 CFR Part 552, Appendix C to Part 552 - Authorized Activities for Fort Lewis Maneuver Area Access

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Appendix C to Part 552—Authorized Activities for Fort Lewis Maneuver Area Access
Military Training (FL Reg 350-30)
DEH or Corps of Engineers Real Estate Agreement for commercial use (AR 405-80)
Installation service and maintenance (AR 420-74, FL Reg 350-30)
Non-DOD personnel in transit on public-access route only (appendix B)
Non-Commercial recreational use:
Hunting, fishing and trapping (FL Reg 215-1)
Dog training (not allowed 1 April through 31 July in selected areas)
Horseback riding on roads and vehicle tracks
Walking, distance running
Model airplane and rocket flying
Model boating
Sport parachuting
Organized rifle and pistol competition
Service group camping and activities (Boy Scouts, etc.)
Observation of wildlife and vegetation
Non-Commercial picking of ferns, mushrooms, blackberries, apples and other miscellaneous vegetation
Historical Trails

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