32 CFR Part 553, Appendix A to Part 553 - Specifications for Tributes in Arlington National Cemetery

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Appendix A to Part 553—Specifications for Tributes in Arlington National Cemetery
1. Purpose. The appendix provides specifications and guidelines for obtaining approval for the donation of tributes at Arlington National Cemetery. -
2. Approval. The Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia 22211-5003 exercises general supervision over Arlington National Cemetery; and his approval of proposed tributes to be placed in Arlington National Cemetery is required.
3. Who May Offer Tributes. a. Tributes will be accepted only from those veterans' organizations listed in the Directory of Veterans Organizations and State Department of Veterans Organizations published annually by the Veterans Administration or those substantially similar in nature. Tributes will not be accepted from individuals or from subdivisions of parent organizations.
b. Only one tribute will be accepted from an organization. However, with prior approval, the inscription of a tribute already presented in Memory of the Unknown Soldier (World War I) may be reworded by the donating organization to commemorate one additional or all the Unknowns, or a new tribute may be substituted for the old one.
4. Design—a. Character. The design of the tribute shall be artistically proportioned and shall be consistent with the sacred purpose of the shrine, which is to honor heroic military service as distinguished from civilian service however notable or patriotic.
b. Dimensions. The surface area of the tribute, including the mounting, shall not exceed 36 square inches; and the thickness or height shall not exceed two (2) inches when mounted.
c. Inscriptions—(1). Tributes to the Unknowns. Tributes are accepted only for the purpose of commemorating and paying homage and respect to one or more of the Unknowns. Thus all tributes must include, either in the basic design or on a small plate affixed thereto, a clear indication of such commemoration.
Suggestions follow:
—In Memory Of The American Heroes Known But to God
—The American Unknowns
—The Unknown American Heroes
—The Unknown Soldier
—The Unknown of World War II
—The Unknown of the Korean War
—The Unknown American of World War II
—The Unknown American of the Korean War
The identity of the donor/Date of Presentation.
2. Other Tributes including plaques at trees and other donated Items. Inscriptions on tributes will be in keeping with the dignity of Arlington National Cemetery.
d. Material and Workmanship. The material and workmanship of the tribute, including the mounting, shall be of the highest quality, free of flaws and imperfections.
5. Applications. Requests for authority to present tributes shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia 22211-5003.
a. A scale drawing or model, showing the exact inscription and other details of the proposed tribute.
b. A copy of the constitution and bylaws of the organization desiring to make the presentation.
6. Final Approval. Upon fabrication, the completed tribute will be forwarded to the Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia 22211-5003 for visual inspection prior to its presentation.
7. Presentation of Tributes. After authorized acceptance of the tribute the sponsoring organization may arrange appropriate presentation ceremonies with the Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia 22211-5003. If presentation ceremonies are not desired, the Superintendent will acknowledge receipt of the tribute and inform the sponsoring organization of the number of the case in which it reposes in the Memorial Display Room at the Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery.
[45 FR 80524, Dec. 5, 1980, as amended at 51 FR 19708, May 30, 1986; 51 FR 43742, Dec. 4, 1986]

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