32 CFR Part 623, Appendix B to Part 623 - Approving Authority Addresses/Telephone Numbers *

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Appendix B to Part 623—Approving Authority Addresses/Telephone Numbers *
B-1. HQDA (DACA-BUS), WASH DC 20310, Telephone: AUTOVON 225-6336, WATS 202-695-6336;

* Telephone numbers are provided for principal loan approving authorities and agencies responsible for specific loans IAW table 2-1.

B-2. HQDA (DALO-SMD), WASH DC 20310, Telephone: AUTOVON 227-5960, WATS 202-697-5960;
B-3. HQDA (DALO-SMW), WASH DC 20310, Telephone: AUTOVON 227-3159, WATS 202-697-3159;
B-4. HQDA (DAMO-ODS), WASH DC 20310, Telephone: AUTOVON 225-2003, WATS 202-695-2003;
B-5. HQDA (NGB-ZA), WASH DC 20310, Telephone: AUTOVON 227-2430, WATS 202-697-2430;
B-6. HQDA (DASG-HCL), WASH DC 20310, Telephone: AUTOVON 227-8286, WATS 202-697-8286;
B-7. Director, Civilian Marksmanship (SFNB) Room 1E-OM3, West Forrestal Building, 1000 Independence Avenue, SW., Telephone: AUTOVON 223-6460, WATS 202-693-6460;
B-8. Commander in Chief, US Army, Europe and Seventh Army, APO New York 09403;
B-9. Commander, First US Army, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755, Telephone: AUTOVON 923-7500, WATS 301-677-7500;
B-10. Commander, Fifth US Army, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234, Telephone: AUTOVON 471-4707, WATS 512-221-4707;
B-11. Commander, Sixth US Army, Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129, Telephone: AUTOVON 486-4110, WATS 415-561-4110;
B-12. Commander, US Army Armament Materiel Readiness Command, ATTN: DRSAR-MMS, Rock Island, IL 61229;
B-13. Commander, US Army Armament Research and Development Command, Dover, NJ 07801;
B-14. Commander, US Army Aviation Research and Development Command, PO Box 209, St. Louis, MO 63177;
B-15. Commander, US Army Communications and Electronics Materiel Readiness Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703;
B-16. Commander, US Army Communications Research and Development Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703;
B-17. Commander, US Army Communications Security, Logistics Agency, ATTN: SELCL-NICP-IM, Fort Huachuca, AZ 86513;
B-18. Commander, US Army Forces Command, Fort McPherson, GA 30330, Telephone: AUTOVON 588-2694, WATS 404-752-2694;
B-19. Commander, US Army Health Services Command, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234;
B-20. HQDA (DAMH-HS), WASH DC 20314;
B-21. Commander, US Army Military District of Washington, Fort Leslie J. McNair, Washington, DC 20319;
B-22. Commander, US Army Missile Materiel Readiness Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35809;
B-23. Commander, US Army Missile Research and Development Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35809;
B-24. Commander, US Army Security Assistance Center, ATTN: DRSAC, 5001 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22333, Telephone: AUTOVON 284-9638, WATS 202-274-9638;
B-25. Commander, US Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command, Warren, MI 48090;
B-26. Commander, US Army Tank-Automotive Research and Development Command, Warren, MI 48090;
B-27. Commander, US Army Test and Evaluation Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005;
B-28. Commander, US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, VA 23651, Telephone: AUTOVON 680-3112, WATS 804-727-3112;
B-29. Commander, US Army Troop Support and Aviation, Materiel Readiness Command, 4300 Goodfellow Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63120.

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