32 CFR Part 623, Appendix H to Part 623 - References

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Appendix H to Part 623—References
AR 1-4Deployment of DA Resources in Support of the US Secret Service.
AR 15-17Army Representation on Office of Preparedness; General Service Administration (OP/GSA) Regional Field Boards in Crisis Management Operations.
AR 28-19Department of the Army Domestic Action Program.
AR 34-1United States Army Participation in International Military Rationalization/Standardization/Interoperability (RSI) Programs.
AR 37-27Accounting Policy and Procedures for Intragovernment, Intradefense; and Intra-Army Transactions.
AR 37-44Accounting Procedures for Guaranteed Loans.
AR 37-48Accounting and Reporting for Materiel, Services, and Facilities Furnished Allied Governments and International Organizations Under Emergency or Combat Conditions.
AR 37-60Pricing for Materiel and Services.
AR 37-111Working Capital Funds—Army Stock Fund; Uniform Policies, Principles, and Procedures Governing Army Stock Fund Operations.
AR 58-1Management acquisition and use of administration use motor vehicles.
AR 130-44Logistical Policies for Support.
AR 190-11Physical Security of Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives.
AR 190-49Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives In-Transit.
AR 210-55Funding Support for Morale, Welfare and Recreational Programs, and Facilities.
AR 230-1The Nonappropriated Fund System.
AR 350-7Training and Evaluation of Forces for Civil Disturbances.
AR 360-61Army Information—Community Relations.
AR 500-1Aircraft Piracy Emergencies.
AR 500-2Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations.
AR 500-50Civil Disturbances.
AR 500-60Disaster Relief.
AR 500-70Military Support of Civil Defense.
AR 525-90Wartime Search and Rescue (SAR) Procedures.
AR 700-32Logistic Support of US Nongovernmental, Nonmilitary Agencies, and Individuals in Oversea Military Commands.
AR 700-49Loan of DSA Stock Fund Materiel.
AR 700-83Army Support of United Seamen's Service.
AR 710-1Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System.
AR 710-2Materiel Management for Using Units, Support Units, and Installations.
AR 725-1Requisition and Issue of Supplies and Equipment—Special Authorization and Procedures for Issues, Sales, and Loans.
AR 725-50Requisitioning, Receipt, and Issue System.
AR 735-5Property Accountability—General Principles, Policies, and Basic Procedures.
AR 735-11Accounting for Lost, Damaged, and Destroyed Property.
AR 795-25Policies, Responsibilities, and Principles for Supply Support Arrangements.
AR 795-204Policies and Procedures for Furnishing Defense Articles and Services on a Sale or Loan Basis.
AR 870-15Historical Activities, Army Art Collection.
AR 870-20Historical Activities, Historical Properties and Museums.
AR 920-15National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Office of Director of Civilian Marksmanship.
AR 920-20Civilian Marksmanship—Promotion of Practice with Rifled Arms.
AR 920-25Rifles M14M and M14N for Civilian Marksmanship Use.
AR 930-5Service Organizations—American National Red Cross Service Program and Army Utilization.
FM 20-150Combatives.
MOU, 25 Apr 75, between DOD and Department of Agriculture and the Interior.
MOU, 24 Jun 75, between DOD and the American National Red Cross for Military Support.

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